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Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
york admirals. the hockey fans are dieing for action out there and matt ackland is live with more and to tell us why business owners are happy. >> reporter: it's about the mean. you know there is a lot of businesses and restaurants, bars around the verizon center and when the caps don't play, they take a beating. when they can't take in the revenue, they have to cut back on the hours employees are hire saided and -- hired and those employees take a beating. the verizon center transformed downtown, bringing many businesses and jobs to the area and they rely on the customers. >> they get hurt the most and -- they normally would be -- and on to christmas eve right now. >> reporter: preparations are underway for a big night. the staff is added, the kitchen is stocked and standard procedure for caps games except this season, there hasn't been any and tone's minor league hockey comes at the right time. >> absorter: a similar story outside of the verizon center. >> and that is about 60%. >> reporter: when the caps play some managers double their staf
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
but it falls very shored of some comprehensive action needed to stop the horrible action from happening. >> the group says it will take questions next week. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >>> meanwhile, hollywood is demanding changes, demanding changes to gun laws. >> take a look. >> how many more, how many more, how many more colleges. >> how many more houses of faith? >> how many more shopping malls? >> how many street corns? >> how many more? >> how many more? >> that video came out friday. in it, they are asking how many more senseless shootings? itey time to demand a plan calling on leaders to act. demand a plan campaigners want new slawdges including a criminal background check for every gun sold in america. >>> we are following a story out of northeast d.c. where police are investigating a deadly shooting happened in bladensburg. the metropolitan police department said one was shot, another found in the road and another victim inside a card. the victim in the road, 44-year- old raymond harris later died. so far, no arrest. police are offering a reward for information lead
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
not have left the ports. >> any type of work action that may result in a suspension or stoppage of work would have an adverse affect. >> tens of thousands of other workers handling freight that moves through the ports and inland could have found themselves out of work and shipping costs would have risen, costing consumers. >> it's not just the local port area that would be affected by the strike, but the entire region and the state and going nationally as l. >> reporter: the strike would have crippled operations at all of those ports and those ports reflect about 40% of the goods consumed by u.s. consumers. phil keating, fox news, miami. >>> coming up on the news edge at 6, it's one of the most attended gun shows on the east coast tonight. they met by protestors at the dulles expo center. people on both sides of the gun policy debate are saying two weeks after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> closer to home, the big game on the way. what do you have? >> what game are we talking about? >> coming up in sports, it's dallas week and that means something. we'll hear from both sides on
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
arizona state, the game's first possession, the sun devils, taylor kelly with the play- action fake and connects with ross, 16 yards for the score. the sun devils built a 21-0 lead after one quarter of play and to the second quarter, the great job alluding pressure and hits matt a kin and that cut the deaf tightity is to 21-7. late in the second quarter, 28- 7 and that is after a missed navy field-goal and goes deep. 62 yards for the huge touchdown and in the fourth quarter, navy trails 62-14. >>> the opinion stripe bowl at the stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. the second quarter, west virginia trailing 3-0 and a play after stopping syracuse on the fourth down and dropped for the safety and up the middle and untouched, 33 yards for the scores and it was 12-0, syracuse. still the second quarter, smith, a wide receiver screen to steadman bailey and breaks the tackle. he goes the distance, 32 yards and that cut the deficit to 12- 7 and in that third quarter, he heads through the hole and kicks it outside and no one is catching him and they win this one, 38-14. >>>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4